the big stuff

There were years where I felt like this boy could hardly see me.  Our days consisted of struggling to communicate, trying to help him stay calm and regulated, and fighting for a glimpse into his world.

I waited so long to hear him call me “mom.”

Now, every night, he doesn’t go to bed without giving me a hug and a “goodnight, mom.”  If I’m not nearby, he comes to find me.

He’s also been using manners like “please” and “thank you”—completely unprompted and enthusiastically.

Sometimes we get too caught up in the evaluations, assessments, IEP meetings, and desensitization programs that we don’t take time to recognize, appreciate, and truly celebrate the BIG stuff.

Sometimes progress is painfully slow.

But, nonetheless, it is progress.

Celebrate it. It’s huge.

The progress in your life will never look the same as someone else’s, so don’t miss what is right in front of you.

progress + happiness

Wilson has worked so hard on tolerating haircuts for YEARS. This has been a series of small, very intentional and consistent baby steps. For reference, it began with him tolerating the buzzer to be in the same room as him. Then it moved closer. Then weeks later, it was about tolerating the buzzer to be plugged into an outlet in the room with him.

You can imagine, the actual haircutting steps were even smaller, helping him to very slowly work through his sensitivities and anxiety around the entire process.

Years ago, I would have never believed that one day he would be laughing and singing through a haircut. He has come so far!

Proud of this boy.

Sweet video via link below:

haircut progress with our happy boy!