Welcome to the Climb!

Change the World

When autism entered my life, I knew nothing about it. Books and the internet provided some information but at times they were also terrifying rabbit-holes to nowhere. No one was talking about autism. Because of this, I think the road … Continue reading

Autism on Paper

Seeing it on paper has been one of the more difficult parts of this autism journey. The first developmental pediatrician we took our son to gave us an “Active Problem List” that was a mile long: Global Developmental Delay Mixed … Continue reading

Fear of Regression

This scares me. Or maybe scared isn’t the word. Worried, concerned, frustrated, and a little sad. Wilson knew all these answers like the back of his hand last year. (see video below) He practiced this information with 4-5 different therapists, … Continue reading

Bye-Bye Tooth!

  In other news, Wilson lost his first tooth! I knew this was coming and would go one of two ways. 1- He would barely notice, and might not acknowledge it or show me. 2- He would get very upset … Continue reading

All That Matters

Regression is a real thing. We, along with so many other parents of special kiddos, are working through the pressure and stress of standing in as teacher, occupational therapist, ABA therapist, speech therapist and the countless other professionals on this … Continue reading

Happy Place ❄️

“Wilson HAPPY.”  We got to hear this several times in the past few days during our trip up to the snowy mountains, and if that isn’t the best thing in the entire world, I don’t know what is. This kid … Continue reading