Autism Will Touch Your Life

So often we avoid talking about the tough stuff. When someone is going through a difficult or emotional time, many people respond by backing away. They fear offending the person or getting it wrong or not having all the best advice or ability to “fix” the situation. I am guilty of this, even with my closest friends and family.

When it comes to autism, I want to talk about it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that autism now affects 1 in 36 children in the US. Including this handsome little man right here.

What this means is that you are GOING TO cross paths with someone autistic. OFTEN even. They may be in your own family or circle of friends, at your children’s school, the neighborhood playground, or the grocery store…

Autism will touch your life.

Some ideas to support autistic individuals and their families…

✨Lead by example. Your children see the way you are around people who are different.

✨Talk with your kids about autism and beautiful differences.

✨Always presume competence.✨ Nonspeaking does not mean a person cannot communicate, understand you, or that they don’t have feelings. (Or want to play with you! They may really want to, and just not know exactly how to initiate play.)

✨ If a person is not making eye contact, or moving their body in a unique way, do not assume that they are not listening. In fact, that might be HOW they are able to focus on what you are saying. (So don’t talk about them like they’re not there.)

My blue-eyed boy is always listening, watching, learning. He’s taking in every little inch of this big old world. And though he may not say, he wants (and deserves!) to be included. 🖤

Thank you for being here and learning from this boy with us. YOU are helping spread kindness, inclusion, connection, understanding, patience, and so much love.

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