scripting & communication

“Wow, there sure are a lot of letters! Each makes a special sound.” ✨

This is scripting (reciting learned words and phrases from movies, books, shows, etc) from a favorite Leap Frog Letter Factory show. Scripting was one of Wilson’s first vehicles for verbal communication and he often still uses learned phrases to communicate today.

So much language coming out of this kid lately! ❤️

The knocking on the wall is a fairly new compulsion. Luckily the dog doesn’t mind, but mom and dad keep thinking someone is at the door. 😆

click on image below to view video.


3 thoughts on “scripting & communication

  1. Lauren, thank you for sharing Wilson’s Climb with us. You know, our grandson Sonny (Chad’s little boy) is 6 now and is on the autism spectrum (is that proper ?) I’m still learning so much, but I can tell you after recently spending 4 days with him, him and Wilson have many similarities. I’m in awe of how smart these kiddos are. They amaze me. God Bless you and your family ❤️

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    • Aww love this!! I love hearing about Sonny through you and Kali, and can’t wait to meet him some day!
      I think it’s fine to say “on the autism spectrum” — it is a very personal preference for people in the autism community how they prefer to say these things. I’m constantly learning more… some people prefer person-first language like “Sonny has autism”, aka he is a person who happens to also have autism. but others feel “autistic” is better as it’s all embracing and a major part of their identity, not something that a person “has” or needs a “cure” for … if that makes sense? I know a lot of adults with autism prefer “autistic” to “has autism”.
      As always, thanks so much for all of your support and following along!!❤️


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