Happy New Year

B20DB3F4-EFB9-4FDB-B8C0-21D7197DA1DB.jpegGoodbye, 2018!
Many days this year felt as chaotic, fast and disheveled as the wake of a leaf blower. Or a hair dryer. Or something to that effect.
We untangled the idea that life can be good and hard and messy and beautiful all at the same time.
I’m so thankful for this blog. It has become the safe place for my midnight ramblings and daydreams to live, the avenue to organize thoughts, put together our puzzle, vent, praise and celebrate our sweet boy.
We are so thankful for the support we’ve felt from friends near and far, old and new.
Looking forward to continuing the climb in 2019.  Forward and up.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. We are so glad to offer what support we can. If nothing else, we hope you realize that we care so very much. Always we are wishing all of you the best. Remember: one step at a time…celebrate the progress!

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  2. I love reading Wilson’s Climb ❤️ I think you guys are doing an amazing job with your sweet boy and darling daughter. Blessings in the New Year!!

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  3. Happy New Year to you all! You continue to amaze me!! If anyone can reach 10 goals it’s you my friend! I feel you on the patience one! I am there with you! And I’m on the press the slow down button train. Wilson is 5! That is just crazy! Your family is strong and most importantly happy, because of you and your hard work and dedication. Never give up celebrating and sharing, there are lots of people on the other end so grateful you did 💜

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