Let’s Get {Re}Acquainted!

I’m Lauren, the owner/operator/coordinator-of-chaos over here at Wilson’s Climb & Little Rebels with a Cause. I started this blog & clothing brand with our curious nine-year-old son in mind. He was diagnosed with autism when he was three years old and has always been my constant reminder that EVERYONE is going through so much more than what meets the eye.

I would do anything for this boy to be understood. For him to be met with kindness, patience, grace, and encouragement as he moves through this world a little differently than most.

The more awareness & acceptance of differences there are in this world, the easier it may be for our boy, and so many others, to navigate through it. We believe EVERYbody deserves to be loved, included, & accepted.

Meet my guy!

Wilson is a salty boy. He would choose potato chips over sweets any day. He LOVES all things pirates, trains, music, & art.  He’s taught us that marching to the beat of your very own drum is the way it should be.

My background was in magazines & advertising before making the jump back into restaurant/retail and eventually launching Little Rebels with a Cause. Besides the favors I call in constantly from friends & family (art, modeling, hauling boxes, to name a few), LR is still a one-woman show. I am looking forward to finding ways for teens & adults with disabilities to gain work experience here down the road.

I do a real, legit small-business-happy-dance in our small Oregon shop when we receive your orders, especially thinking about the conversations that will follow these tees around.

This little shop is making waves of change, awareness, & inclusion because of YOU! I am so thankful for you all and your belief in our small biz with a big mission.

I am constantly dreaming up designs that will start conversations & help us advocate for ourselves and others, and sourcing the softest, highest-quality garments that the whole family will feel good in. Check back often as the new arrivals continue to roll in!