“I Want Fish!”


My boy, may you always be this sweet and curious.

My little man came with me to the bank today, he recognized the parking lot as we pulled in and just KNEW there was a Cabela’s nearby.

He hasn’t been to it since last summer when we went there with one of his ABA therapists and I while we were working on community outings.

We had been to the neighboring grocery store a couple of months ago where he had one of his biggest meltdowns to date. He was saying “Fish! I want fish!” over and over and I had thought he meant the decorative ones on the roof of the store… in retrospect I realized he had in fact wanted to go see the ones in the live fish tank at Cabela’s, the outdoor sports store a few doors down.

So this time when he said “fish!” I knew where we needed to go! He even grabbed MY hand in the parking lot (I’m always forcing an iron-clad grip on him in parking lots for fear of elopement.)


He walked right in and greeted all his taxidermy friends one by one. “Hi, reindeer!” “Hi,turkey!” “Hi, moose!” Ensuring they were right where he had left them months ago.


We had a bit of a rough time leaving, but overall it was a great afternoon and I’m beyond proud of him!


Not sure where he got this pose but how handsome is he?!

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