Change is HARD


Today we said goodbye to the ABA program and interventionists that have worked with Wilson for the past 2 1/2 years.

These people choose to work with children with autism every day, and that is not an easy path. They are patient, persistent, caring, fun, gentle and above all, they kept our boy safe and they believe in him.

Wilson is a different kid now than he was when he walked through those doors years ago.

His team helped him learn self care routines, potty training, hair cutting, group play, how to take turns with a friend and how to be an awesome big brother.

He learned SO many words, coping tools, games, safety awareness and overcame sensory difficulties. 

He went biking, rock climbing, swimming, and on many community outings.

We’d be lost without the countless hours of parent training, advice and support we’ve received about every new, messy, exciting, and frightening thing that came our way.

I truly don’t know how to thank these beautiful humans besides continuing to work on all they have taught us.

They all signed this book for him 💙Oh the places you’ll go, kid!  We’ll miss this place and these people dearly but are looking forward to all he’ll conquer on his next adventure.

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