Thank you, Daddy

David and Wilson

Wilson will follow you wherever you go. Around the yard for hours, mimicking you shovel dirt into the wheelbarrow or turn screws with your tools.

You encourage him to try new things and to not give up when the unknown seems too scary or difficult.

He has your tender soul.

You’re there to exchange a knowing glance with me when the kids do something new, impressive or just plain awesome.

You also know when they’ve had enough and it’s time to go.

You make sure we all have fun, especially in the times when I tend to be more concerned with handwashing and sunscreen.

You have patience when mine has run out.

You’re always up for a dance party and teaching new moves. You’ll even listen to Moana on repeat because it brightens your little girls’ eyes.

You’re proud of every new step, no matter how big or small.

You do all the heavy lifting, from the tantrums to the veterinary appointments.

You’ve had to miss out on a lot, removing Wilson during meltdowns or following him as he wanders.

Your heart is so patient.

I know you would do anything for our family.

Thank you will never be enough.

We’re so lucky to do this wild and crazy, sometimes difficult, beautiful life with you.



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