If I could just freeze this moment in time… 🙌🏻 This HAPPINESS. It’s so fleeting most days. Anxiety, communication disorders, sensory sensitivities, rigidity, repetitive behaviors… they all get in the way of THIS.

All of us are confused and scared about how this world operates. But for our little guy…it is so inexplicably complicated and overwhelming EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I try and see the world through his eyes and sometimes it’s beautiful, like when he stops to dance with his shadow or says “hi” to strangers.  He is wildly uninhibited and I adore that about him.

Then there the times when it is bewildering.  So unsettling and overwhelming that I cannot even bear it.

I just want him to be ok. To live right here, in this happiness. 💙


This is SIX!!


Our little pirate is SIX! 🏴‍☠️and he’s the happiest we’ve seen him in awhile.

He’s taught me more in these last six years than I could have ever seen coming…

•How to find the good in the hard, messy and chaotic.

•To always plan and prepare but that plan will likely, always, often almost certainly change. 🙃

•To be brave and always Advocate like a Mother 👊🏻

•Happiness really can be so simple. 🗝

•What it feels like to have your heart completely bursting with pride. 💙

We can’t wait to see what the next year brings. 🧩