This is FIVE


And just like that, this sweet boy is FIVE!! He loves music, dancing, running, climbing, bouncing, spinning and riding his bike.  When he’s tired, he’s hyper! Being around people fuels his soul. He has energy for days and so many of us want to bottle up just a little of his zest.

In the seldom moments of calm, he loves to cuddle or be wrapped up tight in a blanket. He recently started giving lots of wet kisses on our cheeks and it’s the sweetest.

Wilson can play games on the Ipad that sometimes I cannot even figure out.  He still loves pirates, trains, keys and monkeys. New obsessions: eggs (not for eating, just for play/pretend/inspection, which can get messy when he gets his hands on the real ones!), penguins and clocks.

Wilson still lives on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, crackers, crunchies and apples, for the most part.

This little guy works so hard to learn things that come naturally to most of us. He falls down, gets up, shakes it off and moves on- both literally and figuratively. I admire this so much about him.

He loves unconditionally, forgives, and celebrates BIG. If you pay attention, this kid will teach you a thing or two.