An Autism Journey

“Motherhood is about raising and celebrating the child you have, not the child you thought you’d have. It’s about understanding he is exactly the person he is supposed to be. And, if you’re lucky, he might be the teacher who turns you into the person you’re supposed to be.”

~The Water Giver

remember my boy

Explaining autism is hard.  Understanding the complexities inside of my sweet boy can feel like trying to catch and examine the wind. If there is one piece of autism awareness I can leave you with this month, this would be it: The next time you are stuck at the grocery store, irritated with the man … Continue reading

autism: the beginning

“STOP FOLLOWING US, BABY! Why doesn’t he talk? He’s a BIG BABY! AHHH!!! Run!!”  I watched as the two older boys screamed these words into my son’s face at the otherwise-empty playground.  They couldn’t understand why a kid my son’s size wouldn’t talk or pick up the clue that they didn’t want him around, even … Continue reading

a little advocate

This is Charlie. When her big brother, who is seven years old and autistic, lost his first tooth, she asked us to write a letter to the tooth fairy because she knew her brother would love a toy more than money.  She made sure to check his pillow the next morning and show him what … Continue reading

Always Presume Competence

-Nonspeaking does not mean a person cannot communicate, understand you, or that they don’t have feelings. -Please drop labels like high/low functioning. Would you want to be talked about that way? Instead, you can say, “Tell me more about your child.” – If a person is not making eye contact, or moving their body in … Continue reading

this boy ✨

“I spent a lot of time trying to untangle all the contradictions inside of this sweet boy, like it had to be one way or another. It doesn’t. He is not something to be untangled or fixed, just understood, supported, and included.

This blue-eyed boy finds JOY everywhere, and the best part is, he helps others see it too. I hope you get the chance to know him, or someone as uniquely wonderful.”
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autism & awareness

Oh April, Autism Awareness Month. I have mixed feelings about you. You see, I am never unaware of autism. When I answer the same questions 1,980,674 a day from my little boy with autism, it’s impossible to be unaware. Or when I help him go over his schedule 630,238 times a day. My husband looks … Continue reading

the weight of hope & autism

“Will Wilson still have autism when he’s all grown up?”  My little girl asked, continually curious and looking out for her big brother. “Yes, he will,” I told her with a smile. <enter her look of pure shock> “But! How will get married? His girlfriend won’t understand him!” Sometimes these conversations are hard.   They … Continue reading

the big stuff

There were years where I felt like this boy could hardly see me.  Our days consisted of struggling to communicate, trying to help him stay calm and regulated, and fighting for a glimpse into his world. I waited so long to hear him call me “mom.” Now, every night, he doesn’t go to bed without … Continue reading

progress + happiness

Wilson has worked so hard on tolerating haircuts for YEARS. This has been a series of small, very intentional and consistent baby steps. For reference, it began with him tolerating the buzzer to be in the same room as him. Then it moved closer. Then weeks later, it was about tolerating the buzzer to be … Continue reading

this brave boy

Who do you advocate for? Autism moms came together by using their voices this month to demand justice for a child with autism who was abused at his school by a teaching assistant.  These stories are becoming too much. Children with disabilities are all too often being kicked off airplanes, out of restaurants or church, … Continue reading

my son has autism & he is wired wonderfully

“He’s just wired differently.” We heard this phrase often in those first months after Wilson’s autism diagnosis.  We were trying to wrap our heads around this world of autism in which our son was living.  It’s a fairly simple phrase, which was almost refreshing given the complexities of this disorder we wanted so badly to … Continue reading

courage + progress

This boy just NAILED his blood draw.  If you have followed along for a while, you know this has been SO TRAUMATIC for all involved in the past.   So much so that I was able to avoid this situation for a few years for him. This time, we had a phlebotomist come to our home. … Continue reading

About Wilson’s Mama

I want to thank each of you for being here. By following along with Wilson’s journey and learning more about autism, you’re helping us in our mission to make the world a more patient, kind, and inclusive place to be and that means so much to us. One of my hopes in starting this blog … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

We miss so many people and places. We’ve slowed down, just like everyone else in the world. Work, school, and therapy schedules have been reimagined or discontinued. But we’ve also learned more about each other. We’ve danced, sang, and giggled more. We’ve rushed less. We’re trying to be more intentional and live with more gratitude, … Continue reading

Wilson Sings 🎶

Wilson has been singing so much lately! When he sings, it’s the most we get to hear that sweet little voice of his and I adore every bit of it. Memorizing songs, phrases, or scenes from shows and movies, and counting has always seemed to come naturally to him. His memory is incredible.  Because of … Continue reading

Autism Is Video 2019