Wilson Sings 🎶

Wilson has been singing so much lately! When he sings, it’s the most we get to hear that sweet little voice of his and I adore every bit of it.

Memorizing songs, phrases, or scenes from shows and movies, and counting has always seemed to come naturally to him. His memory is incredible.  Because of this, using learned phrases to communicate with us and others has been something that has continued to grow and expand over the years.  He still communicates mostly in 1-4-word phrases, but lately he has been using so many new ones. 

Numbers and songs are always the same, this makes them reliable in his mind. They are always in the same order and tune; the predictability is comfortable for him to return to.

He likes to listen to the same songs (and watch the same shows), repeatedly, so that he can learn them. He seems to pay attention and learn every piece of them, the tune, the timing, the words, the varying voices, the stops and pauses.   

Spontaneous and functional language is much more difficult for Wilson to retain and access. Even when it’s something he has learned and practiced.  Sometimes, questions need to be presented the exact way he has learned them for him to be able to recognize them.

For example, he knows the answer to “What’s your name?” is “Wilson.” But if someone says, “Hey little guy, tell me your name!”  He likely wouldn’t understand what is expected as a response, or that he is even expected to come up with one.

Just like every year on his birthday, we work on the new answer to “How old are you?”  To him, he already learned that answer!

This boy’s hard work continues. He is such a little warrior. There are so many ways this guy brings joy to those around him. I tried to capture some of his favorite tunes here to share!  

Click link or image below to listen.   

His favorite songs from Frozen and the Holiday Season

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