Born Rad


The R-word is done, guys. Bye! see ya! Broaden-your-vocabulary-never-to-be-used-again. Gone.

Some friends and I went to an amateur comedy show last night. It was really fun until the last comic starting making fun of people with special needs. And used the R-word repeatedly.

I was beyond disgusted that ANYONE would think his jokes were funny.

I came home to see my sweet little guy asleep in his bed and I just fell apart. I can’t understand how anyone could think this perfect little human’s very real struggles are funny.

I’m not going to start listing off all the things my son may never do because of his particular neurological design. That’s a rabbit hole I steer clear of on the regular. But I damn sure hope he is never in a room like I was last night, where people with different abilities were the punch lines.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and this is a perfect reminder of the roles we play and the influence we have on others.

Everyone laughing at those crude jokes were just as much a part of the problem as the man spewing them.

Stand up for what you believe to be right vs wrong. Use your voice. Use your actions. THEY MATTER. I promise you will regret your inaction more than taking an opportunity to stand up for what is RIGHT.


7 thoughts on “Born Rad

  1. I was at a company meeting when a manager called a competitors decision “so re…d”. I asked for a 1:1 with him the next day and let him have it. He not only gave all 100+ employees permission to use that word, he degraded everyone who struggles with special needs, among them the five or so who we worked with. I told him in no uncertain terms that if I ever heard him use that phrase again my next call would not be a meeting but would be to HR. He was mortified and shocked. People just don’t realize how hurtful it is. Another time a co-volleyball mom screamed at the ref for a “re…d” call. Wrong in so many levels – and again I called her out (maybe more publicly than I should have) and she was profusely apologetic. Say something! It’s never ever OK. And certainly not funny. 😠

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    • At a work meeting?!! So glad you said something. It really just breaks my heart how unaware people can be.
      I never let that behavior/vocabulary slide. And I really hate to make people uncomfortable but sometimes that’s needed to learn!
      This was trickier being in such a public forum/area. I know now what to do next time which I’d WALK OUT!! I was so shocked I did nothing and really regret it. Hence the rant on here!! ☺️


  2. OMG! This broke my heart. I’m so sorry you had to endure that Lauren. I think you should do something if you want to. It is not okay and Wilson is so special and wonderful. Virtual hugs.

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